Hello. We're ActiveClass



Maximize Instructor Impact. Minimize time on tasks.

We understand instructors. 

And we know that your jobs have become increasingly more difficult over time. Juggling multiple modalities, student apathy, and layers of initiatives can be a lot. 

You got into teaching to make an impact on students. We are here to help ensure that you still can – no matter the modality or initiative.

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Put simply, we believe that instructors are more important to society than social media influencers. Sorry, not sorry.

To that end, we're building the technology that will empower instructors to have more impact on their students and society at large. We believe that, at a minimum, instructors should be able to engage with and understand their audience (their students!) in similar, modern ways that influencers already can.


Meet our team

Chris Chumley
Interim CEO & Boardmember
20 years in EdTech
Formerly President of CampusLogic
Alex Slaughter
Co-founder, CTO

PHD Candidate, Educational Policy and Evaluation

Notebowl , Instructure (Canvas)

Joshua Cohen
Head of Operations
10+ years of Online Higher Education,
Faculty Development, LMS Administration