Handraises: Anytime. Anywhere.

ActiveFeed allows Students and Instructors to interact and participate the way we've all been conditioned -- thru social media like functionality.


Engaged Discussion: Wherever. Whenever.


The best aspects of social media, right inside your courses. 

A singular, course-based feed, for questions, answers, comments, relevant content, and seamless connection.

  • Engagement

  • Community

  • Content w/ Context

Engaged Students lead to preferred outcomes

The one thing Social Media has mastered is engagement. Bringing those behaviors into a course can lead to powerful outcomes.


Community and Student-led learning 

A sense of belonging and learning from peers can keep students involved and on task. Leading to less attrition and more students graduating.

Learning happens anywhere. Education happens in your courses. 

Great online content leads to continuous learning - for better or worse. Leveraging that content and putting it in context of the course, with proper instruction and responses, leads to great, engaged, education.


Simple features. Big impact.

Familiar, intuitive features, focused on driving engagement and community.

Live Conversations

No need to refresh your screen or check another system. Simple, live, threaded chats in the LMS.

Anonymous Posting

Enable all students, shy or reserved, to participate and feel included. *Always viewable by the Instructor.


Your name. Your voice. A simple, inclusive measure to ensure all students are addressed properly.


Quick polls to gauge interest levels, times to meet, spike engagement, or quickly measure understanding.


Text chat not sufficient? No problem. Organize a quick, live meeting via Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.


Audio or Video recordings to ask or answer complex questions, showcase a project, make a presentation, etc...


Attach files of any kind and any size. Share documents, notes, pdfs, third party links, and more.

Content Sharing

Great content is abundant online. Leverage it and allow for easy sharing from YouTube and other social platforms.

Start your ActiveFeed.