Talking in class is not just cool, it's imperative.

Human connection is proven to increase student success. Connect with your students easier than ever with ActiveFeed, right from your existing LMS.



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“The interaction between a student and an instructor is an intrinsic part of the educational process and we need to be very, very cautious before watering down this requirement,”


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Social-media-like tools that simplify regular and substantive interactions.

ActiveFeed behaves much like your favorite social media sites, so you already know how to use it! Perfect for announcements, sharing content, going live with your students, and even making or posting short videos and clips.

Drive human interactions and create community in your classroom.

Go live or create and share personalized videos.

Share content from anywhere to drive interaction and conversation.

  • Introductions

  • Community

  • Content Sharing


Getting to know each other is half the battle.

Sharing a bit about yourself and asking students to do the same helps set the stage for positive interactions. And ActiveClass makes it feel like second nature.





A single place for announcements, questions, and peer connections.

A strong classroom community can help struggling students access support, leading to less attrition and more classroom success.



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Great content is as only as good as the instruction that goes along with it. 

The good news? ActiveFeed makes it easier and more accessible than ever to share all types of content and couple it with your feedback and instruction.




Simple features. Big impact.

Familiar, intuitive, social-media-inspired features allow instructors to to save time on tasks and get back to teaching.

Live Conversations

No need to refresh your screen or check another system. Just simple, live, threaded chats in the LMS.

Anonymous Posting

Enable all students, even the shy or reserved, to participate and feel included. *Always viewable by the instructor.


Their name. Their voice. A simple, inclusive measure to ensure all students are addressed properly.


Quick polls gauge interest levels, identify best meeting times, spike engagement, or quickly measure understanding.


Text chat not sufficient? No problem. Organize a quick live meeting via Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.


Using audio or video, ask or answer complex questions, showcase projects, make presentations, all with accessible auto-captioning.


Attach files of any kind and any size. Share word documents, images, notes, PDFs, third-party links, and more.

Content Sharing

Great content is abundant online. Put it to work with easy sharing from YouTube and other social platforms.