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Instructors should have more impact on students than social media influencers.  Add social media-like functionality to your online classroom with engaging and efficient tools to support success for you and your students. 

Simplify your life. Make an impact on theirs. 

Instructor Presence = Improved Student Engagement  


How do you find the time you need to teach when you're expected to manage so many bureaucratic classroom tasks?

 ActiveClass makes it easier than ever to be present and impact your students, all in familiar, modern, social ways that save you valuable time.

Check out our simple, intuitive solutions:


A single place to gather, share content, create community, make announcements that students can see and engage with, and ensure that you can support all your students.



Replace those outdated and clunky LMS discussion boards. Enable vibrant, multi-media enabled social tools with originality scoring, word counts, and simple grading.



Actionable, at a glance views of who's engaging and who's not in your classroom. Aggregated posts and comments by students, as well as time spent on discussions.


Maximize instructor impact.

Minimize time on tasks.

Learning happens anywhere and everywhere. Education happens when a subject matter expert is present and available to guide, teach, and encourage the learner. ActiveClass aims to empower instructors and make it easier to connect, engage with, and be a positive influence on their students – regardless of the teaching modality.


The company we keep:

ActiveClass can help you deliver on several initiatives.

Here's just a few:


Humanized Learning

Create a friendlier virtual experience where students can get to know you and establish a sense of trust.

Hybrid Teaching

ActiveClass' social-media inspired tools help support all modalities; in-person, online, and fully asynchronous.

Inclusive Instruction

Easily cultivate an environment where ALL students are seen and heard, and feel a sense of belonging and community.

Authentic Assessment

An intuitive environment where students can showcase knowledge and understanding without a quiz.

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