Not satisfied with your LMS' discussion board? Neither were we.

Modern, social assignments that put more controls at your finger tips AND that don't take you all weekend to grade?

Yes please!

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"Relationships turn information into knowledge."
- Larry Cuban, Professor of Education, Stanford
Give your students social tools that feel familiar to them so that actual discussion and learning can happen.

Lively discussions  with multiple due dates and easy grading? 

Yes. Yes. And yes. 

Require and grade on word and post counts and even check originality scores.

Remove bias before grading or simply auto-grade the entire discussion.

Alerts for your students, peace of mind for you.

Simple. Intuitive. Inclusive.

Simple features require students to engage with course content and each other (and make this engagement easier to grade).

DEI Friendly

Anonymize student names with the click of a button. Remove biases. Review and grade on merit.

Aggregated Posts

Easily aggregate and review each student's activity in context. No need to chase it down.

Required Engagement

Create assignments that require engagement in discussion. Set minimum thresholds, review, and grade.

Insight Dashboard

Measure overall class engagement, see who is and isn't active, and learn best times to engage with students.

Easy Grading

Grade discussion assignments in bulk based on given criteria and requirements.

Word Count

Set minimum levels of engagement with required word counts.

Embedded Attachments

Place assignments and course materials in one, convenient location, right inside the discussion thread.

Hidden Posts

Prevent copy-and-paste comments by hiding posts within a discussion until students have shared their own.

Turnitin Integration

Connect with Turnitin to easily check originality scores and identify plagiarism.

Multiple Due Dates

Give students the appropriate amount of time to make posts and respond to each other.