September 21, 2022

Multiple Due Dates Now Available inside of ActiveClass

Posts and comments inside of the ActiveAssignments module can now have separate due dates which allows instructors to properly craft topical conversations and helps ensure that students have appropriate time to reply to one another and effectively participate in online discussions.

Multiple due dates now available in ActiveAssignments

Tempe, AZ; ActiveClass, a social-media-like plug-in for the LMS, has officially launched an update that allows instructors to assign multiple due dates for student posts and comments, therefore giving students the appropriate amount of time to respond and collaborate around assigned topics of discussion. Additionally, multiple due dates will give instructors much needed functionality to separately grade posts and comments which, in turn, allows for more authentic assessment. 

Outside of the online classroom environment, student’s and non-students alike engage in free flowing discussions and conversations without hard due dates, let alone scenarios where one is required to immediately respond to a post. ActiveClass aims to make any and all types of online conversations, even graded discussions, more akin to what everyone experiences in their daily online lives.

ActiveClass CEO, Nate Hurst, said, “This has been something that the leading LMS providers have failed to implement and deliver to market even though their users, the teachers, have been clamoring for it year after year.” Hurst continued “The entire purpose of having online discussions is to ‘you know’ have actual back and forth discussions…and without separate due dates the ‘discussion boards’ have become useless”. 

The purpose of online discussions has always been to facilitate conversation, communities of learning, and peer-to-peer engagement. However, as happens, some students tend to wait until the due date to make an initial post in the discussion board, therefore leaving zero time for reactions, replies, comments, and meaningful and authentic interaction from their peers. In turn, this behavior makes it impossible for instructors to effectively create meaningful discussions and interactions between their students. 

Amanda Rosenzwieg, LMS Administrator and Instructor at Delgado Community College, who has been a big proponent of multiple due dates, intimated that “having multiple due dates also allows teachers to facilitate the learning of time management in addition to driving meaningful conversation among students.”

ActiveClass CTO Alex Slaughter said, “When we set out to build this, we knew it would be difficult since the LMS, which we sit inside of, does not natively offer this functionality. So we got creative in order to make this a reality and I’m really proud of what we built.” Slaughter continued, “As an engineer with a passion for education, this has been a frustration point of mine for years. We’re thrilled to be able to provide it to instructors!”


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